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Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you want your carpet to look clean again? Do you want to avoid the cost of replacing your carpet? You’ve come to the right place!

Unlike other cleaners, we don’t use soapy detergents that leave dirt-attracting residue. We use an EPA-approved process, and offer a line of non-toxic, non-allergenic, and environmentally-friendly products for the most sensitive homes. Our equipment leaves you with clean, residue-free floors so fresh you’ll want to lie down face first and make snow angels. We use top of the line extraction equipment to blast dirt away with high-pressure water up to 210 degrees!

Clean carpet is the foundation of a healthy home. Allergens, bacteria, mold, dust mites, and pet dander are tracked throughout your home every day. Think of your carpet like one big air filter. Carpeted floors will trap these pollutants, but you will need regular cleanings to ensure that you’re not breathing those harmful pollutants. Regular vacuuming is the best preventative maintenance you can do to your carpet, but eventually you need a professional to extract the most stubborn of soils from your floors.


When will my carpet be dry? – Carpet will take anywhere from 1-6 hours to dry, depending on a few factors such as the carpet type, atmospheric conditions, and the quantity of water required to fully clean.

Do I need to vacuum before you arrive? – Yes, it is important to thoroughly pre-vacuum the carpet before it is steam cleaned, and will ensure a quality cleaning. If you can’t vacuum before we arrive, your technician will thoroughly vacuum your carpet for a small fee, usually $5 per area.

Do I have to move furniture? – We can simply clean around your furniture, and will install film protection when necessary. If you want us to clean under your furniture it must be removed from the area before your technician arrives.

Will my stains come out? – Every stain is different, and some stains can be permanent. While we can fully remove most stains, we can’t guarantee results. We can guarantee the best possible treatment for stain and fabric type, and can employ advanced stain removal methods that aren’t available over-the-counter.

Will steam cleaning make my carpet last longer? – Yes. Dirt and soil acts as an abrasive, and will wear the carpet fiber prematurely. This causes darkened, discolored, and matted carpet.

How long until I can walk on my carpet? – You can walk on your carpet immediately after we leave, but we recommend limited traffic until the carpet is dry. Be careful when wet, it can be slippery.

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